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A lot of time has passed since then, and time turned me into a beautiful and sexy lady.A real passion and great variety of sexual desires, ability to receive and do unearthly pleasure are the most important things that I managed to discover in me.The major starring role in the film, an inspired casting choice, was held by legendary silent film diva Gloria Swanson (Mae West was also a possible choice for the role), who "autobiographically" portrayed Norma Desmond - a deluded, tragic, ambitious actress whose career declined with the coming of the talkies.[Note: Her name was a combination of the names of two early Hollywood figures: comedy star Mabel Normand, and silent-film director William Desmond Taylor (Normand's lover), who was murdered in 1922.

The mood of the film is immediately established as decadent and decaying by the posthumous narrator - a dead man floating face-down in a swimming pool in Beverly Hills.All new pictures are 1600 px and of really nice quality: no dull RAWs, no absurd frames - top-rated by professionals!All videos are 720x576 16:9 wide-screen shot on HD, with excellent quality and professional editing.Detectives try to fish him out of the water: Yes, this is Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. That's the Homicide Squad - complete with detectives and newspapermen.A murder has been reported from one of those great big houses in the ten thousand block.

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After a showing to East Coast preview audiences, it was scrapped and replaced.]A voice-over narration is read cynically and crisply with a film-noirish style.