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Please remedy this by editing this article to remove any non-free copyrighted content and attributing free content correctly, or flagging the content for deletion.Please be sure that the supposed source of the copyright violation is not itself a Wikipedia mirror.The techniques were taught by Estés as a storyteller and traditional medicine practitioner along with photographer Michael Cunningham, the author of the book Crowns, Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats. She was elected as chair and for thirteen years worked with the state of Colorado Attorney General's lawyers, as well as a board of legal experts and helping professionals, to focus on public safety regarding mental health practitioners. Estés is the recipient of numerous awards for her life's work, including the first Joseph Campbell Keeper of the Lore Award for her work as La cantadora and for her books and many spoken word series; the Gradiva Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis; and Catholic Press Association award for her writing.

The protocol was designed for citizens to do post-trauma work recovery work in their own communities after the first responders have left.

Her doctorate, from the Union Institute & University [1981], is in ethno-clinical psychology on the study of social and psychological patterns in cultural and tribal groups.

She often speaks as "distinguished visiting scholar" and "diversity scholar" at universities.

She successfully helped to petition the Library of Congress, as well as worldwide psychoanalytic institutes, to rename their studies and categorizations formerly called, among other things, "psychology of the primitives", to respectful and descriptive names, according to ethnic group, religion, culture, etc.

Estés' Guadalupe Foundation has funded literacy projects, including in Queens, New York City, in Madagascar - providing printed local folktales, healthcare and hygiene information for people in their own language.

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Her book Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of The Wild Woman Archetype was on the New York Times' best seller list for 145 weeks, as well as other best seller lists, including USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal.

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