Mejelle online dating

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Mejelle online dating

Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Shatibi's al-Muwafaqat fi usul al-Ahkam (Concordances in the Essentials of Shariah Rulings), ed.

Although this book is out of print, it can be found in major university and public libraries. Cornell's Realm of the Saint: Power and Authority in Moroccan Sufism (Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 1998) is the sole source of information on Abu-l-Abbas al-Sabti and his teachings in the English language.

Charles Le Gai Eaton's Islam and the Destiny of Man (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 1994) is one of the best introductions to Islam for the general reader, especially with regard to the relationship between faith and practice.

Although Majid Fakhry's Ethical Theories in Islam (Leiden and New York: E. Brill, 1991) focuses mostly on philosophical ethics, its chapter on scriptural morality contains useful information on ethical principles in the Quran and the hadith. Frank's “Knowledge and Taqlid: The Foundations of Religious Belief in Classical Asharism,” Journal of the American Oriental Society 109:1 (January–March 1989), 37–62, provides the classical Islamic justification for many of the theological assertions mentioned above.

Quotations from Abu-l-Abbas al-Sabti came from Yusuf ibn al-Zayyat al-Tadili's al-Tashawwuf ila rijal al-tasawwuf wa akhbar Abi-l-Abbas al-Sabti [Insight into the men of Sufism and information on Abu-l-Abbas al-Sabti], ed.

Ahmed Toufiq (Rabat, Morocco: College of Letters, Mohammed V University, 1984).

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For example, the version of Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Nisaburi's Sahih Muslim used for this chapter (the source of the Hadith of Gabriel discussed in this chapter) was copied from an unspecified original and published at an unspecified date in Beirut by Dar al-Kutub al-Arabiyya.

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