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We discuss transgender issues and news, and radical transfeminism and why we need it. Kaiya: (Queer Life podcast announcement) Just another update is my cohost Mandi, she is still in recovery from gender confirmation surgery with Dr.

Kaiya: Alright hello everybody, I am your host Kaiya Kramer and this is the queer life radio show. Marci Bowers in Burlingame, and she is now happily healing out there with her family, and we wish her the best of luck, and the best of healing and sending positive energy her way.

I support inclusion within queer community, and freedom for all of us to self define according to our own authentic feelings.

If anyone wants to get under the transgender umbrella with me, feel free, it’s not as if it’s keeping the rain out much.” (laughs) I like that!

You know, I’m going to play the devil’s advocate real quick here.

You know, why “There’s already gay pride, there’s you know, you already have your parades and stuff like that, why do you need a transgender day, why do you have to keep rubbing it in our faces?

D: No, I’m having my own experience of gender, this thing that’s going on that I’ve just described, the ideals of imaginary gender, that’s the social construction of gender.

I don’t think most people who use bisexual really mean they’re limited to only people who are very feminine or very masculine or something, so they end being pretty much the same thing really. D: I wanted to talk about some of the things that matter to me, and the environmental crisis is big because I think we all need air to breath and water to drink and a habitable planet and little things like that, or how we resolve the queer issues isn’t really going to matter much.K: If we don’t have air to breath or water to drink. K: I’m thinking of how we are experiencing a severe drought in California right now, and so I really like that you bring up that point, you know because I spend a lot of time speaking about queer issues, but there are honestly, and not to knock what I’m doing, but there are some more important issues in terms of us being able to live on this planet D: Well, I’m not so much lately focused on any particular form of environmental activism because in this transition I’m undergoing, every day makes me a trans activist already. D: Because I’m already talking to people to it a lot, I am constantly educating, practice trans visibility all the time, Trans Day of Visibility, just like any other day. D: That is an event that was declared last Tuesday, for March 31st, an annual event, in which we go a little further out of our way to present ourselves to the world, to remind people that yes, we really do exist, we live here too, and other things like that.And I say for me, it wasn’t much of a difference, I go out in the world all the time and talk with people, so today was another day of trans visibility, and this evening we have a trans evening of audibility. “Trans evening of audibility” I like that, you know, I’m going to take that from you. K: I mean, why do you think trans people need to be visible?As the bio states my sexual orientation bisexual, or also pansexual I’m not concerned so much about exactly what gender my partner is, though I lean toward the feminine, and it’s far from exclusive.K: What would you say, you know, I’ve had a couple of people identify as strictly bisexual, others who have used the word pansexual.

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