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Gay cambodian sex

There are lots of funny stories about going out, his friends, and dancing in the clubs.

“To party is the best thing in my life.” He also has good times when his English friend is coming over. Ctn Vanna (29), despite the warm weather, has on his tracksuit.

Vanna works in a nightclub where men meet other men. About a year ago he learned that he was HIV positive. He had the feeling that people were looking at him and that they approached him differently.

It’s better now, but having HIV is still a heavy burden to carry.

A customer who picks him up, his drug use, his daytime life… His parents are still living, but he hasn’t been home for 8 years. Our conversation was about going out, friends and hobbies.But also about difficult topics like HIV, sex work and drugs…According to UNAIDS, in Cambodia’s population of about 15 million about 80,000 (0.53%) are infected with HIV.According to the latest figures, new infections come to just over 1,000 a year.

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Vin is a construction worker, but he doesn’t like the work very much. The pity is that the suits you have to wear aren’t always attractive. Leb is a sex worker, and encounters his customers in the evening on the boulevard. It’s hard to find customers and not all the customers are nice to him. Visiting your doctor every few weeks isn’t uncommon in Cambodia.