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Relaunch the Go Pro App, it will then notify you that the update was successful. The Go Pro App is designed to automatically download the update files for your camera if there is an update available.

The availability of a new version is checked when an Internet connection is established, and every four hours afterwards. Chamber of Commerce CEO says many Americans feel left out of prosperity, fueling extremism and loss of faith in institutions; business group could back Democratic Senate candidates.A feature of most of our programs is their ability to update themselves automatically.Promoting the sale is a glossy 162-page book with quotes from Dostoyevsky, Freud, and Leonardo, and several platitudinal Christie’s videos of enraptured gazers gawking in wonder at “the new masterpiece.” Don’t miss the extended clip of three male company bigwigs pitching it to Hong Kong clients as “the holy grail of our business, a male Mona Lisa, the last da Vinci, our baby, something with blockbuster appeal, akin to the discovery of a new planet, and more valuable than a petro chemical plant.” I’m no art historian or any kind of expert in old masters. Experts estimate that there are only 15 to 20 existing da Vinci paintings.But I’ve looked at art for almost 50 years and one look at this painting tells me it’s no Leonardo. Its surface is inert, varnished, lurid, scrubbed over, and repainted so many times that it looks simultaneously new and old. Not a single one of them pictures a person straight on like this one.

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