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There is a good chance that many of the students grouped as having received comprehensive sex education did not receive such a thorough program. However, it’s encouraging that even programs that simply cover birth control and abstinence can reduce young people’s risk of teen pregnancy.

Though a number of recent studies have evaluated specific programs, little research has been done on the adolescent population as a whole.

Instead, researcher categorized respondents by their answer to two basic questions.

By this narrow definition they found that 66.8% of respondents reported receiving comprehensive sex education, 23.8% reported abstinence-only, and 9.4% reported no sex education.

A number of researchers and organizations have reviewed these materials and found that they rely on fear and shame, include medical inaccuracies, and are inconsistent in their definitions of abstinence.

In addition to the resources listed in this section, see SIECUS’ reviews of some of the more popular abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula at

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The other six programs evaluated are community-wide interventions and were reviewed for implementation and process analysis only. Key Findings: As of 2004, 11 states had made the results of evaluation of their state-wide abstinence-only-until-marriage programs available for review.

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